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Virta Recognized for Best-In-Class Outcomes and Savings

August 3, 2022
August 3, 2022

Investment in digital health is booming, reaching a record $57B in 2021 alone. Consumers want more digital health, too—a majority say that they are interested in a broader set of virtual health solutions going forward. But despite this momentum, consistent measurement and validation of impact and claims is lacking, making it difficult to understand a basic question—does this solution actually work?

The Validation Institute is leading the charge to answer this question by providing unbiased, data-driven insights on healthcare companies. Recently, they released their most comprehensive analysis yet—Program Validation—which examines and validates both health and economic claims companies make about themselves.

The Validation Institute Recognizes Virta for Best-in-Class Outcomes and Savings

This July, Virta was the first (and currently only) digital health solution to be awarded this distinction. To qualify, digital health companies must prove clinical rigor using one of five gold standard evaluation methodologies. And, they must have first achieved both savings and outcomes validations from the Validation Institute. 

Diabetes is the most expensive chronic condition in the U.S., with an estimated $404 billion spent every year. So, unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of digital diabetes solutions making big claims that they can make a dent in this epidemic—most with little or no substantiation.

This latest Validation shows that we are doing the opposite. Much in the same way Virta puts our fees at risk if we can’t deliver concrete health and economic outcomes, the Validation Institute stands behind their analysis, too. The Program Validation carries a $50K guarantee that Virta will deliver on both health and financial outcomes.

Quizzify CEO Al Lewis Backs Virta's Outcomes with Personal Guarantee

The Validation Institute isn’t the only one willing to stand behind Virta's outcomes.

Quizzify CEO Al Lewis is creating his own guarantee. Lewis is offering a $100,000 personal guarantee that no other digital health"point solution" in any disease category beats [Virta] for the level of savings they've achieved, validly measured. What gives him the confidence to do something like this? As Mr. Lewis cites, Virta has "the most valid and impressive outcomes in the diabetes field."

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Virta is All-In on Clinical Evidence

We’re particularly proud of this most recent validation, because we’ve always had science and evidence at our core. We recently released results from one of the longest digital health clinical trials – and the longest for digital diabetes care – with 5 year outcomes. To us, the reason to invest in long-term clinical evidence is simple: it is foundational. Our mission is to reverse diabetes in 100M people – and to do that, both patients and payers need to have confidence that the solution works. We’re all in on that mission.

On August 31, Virta is hosting a webinar on the importance of validation in digital health and how employers and health plans can use the Program Validation as a gold standard to evaluate vendors. See more details and register to attend using this link.

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