What our patients say about Virta

It’s not just about the numbers. Our patients report regained energy, restored vision, better sleep, and even recovered nerve feeling. Each has their own inspring type 2 diabetes reversal story.

Reversed his type 2 diabetes & can now walk up hills with stamina that is “off the charts”

Returned to his stickball team thanks to weight loss and better sleep, energy & focus

Conquered her family history of developing type 2 diabetes by reversing her prediabetes

A wife and mother who got off insulin and back to her family

Went from nearly 300 units of insulin and 40 mg of blood pressure meds to zero medications

Stopped yo-yo dieting & improved her A1c & sleep — now she keeps up with her grandchildren

Reduced arthritic pain & swelling while improving blood sugars, mood, and energy

Reversed his diabetes by lowering his A1c from 12.4% to 6.4% while eliminating his insulin

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