What our members say about Virta

It’s not just about the numbers. Our members report regained energy, restored vision, better sleep, and even recovered nerve feeling. Each has their own inspiring story.


Navy Vet & Traveling Salesman
No knee pain & increased stamina allowed him to go back to riding his motorcycle


Employee & Citizen of Chickasaw Nation
Eliminated her insulin shots and improved her A1c by nearly 4 points; returned to basket-making

Heidi & Dan

Married with 8 Children
Reversed his type 2 diabetes and her prediabetes by doing Virta together


Busy Grandmother & Recent Retiree
Lost weight, eliminated insulin, and regained the energy to play with her grandkids


Part-time Farmer & Retired Factory Worker
Reversed his diabetes, and now enjoys the energy to play with his granchildren


Animal Rescue Enthusiast
Feels physically & mentally better each day since reversing her diabetes


Nielsen Call Center Team Lead
Reversed her prediabetes & gained control over food with education, support & accountability


Hunter, Husband, & Father
Went from nearly 300 units of insulin and 40 mg of blood pressure meds to zero medications


Musician & Loving Husband
Reversed his type 2 diabetes & can now walk up hills with stamina that is “off the charts”