What we stand for

We have seven core values at Virta. These values represent who we are and how we work.

People First

We take care of ourselves, our peers, and our patients equally.


Trust and empowerment are promoted through open access to information. We have integrity in everything we do.


We focus on the important small steps to create the greatest positive impact. We prioritize impact over busy work.

Risk Taking & Rapid Iteration

We test, learn and repeat quickly: a failed test is a chance to learn. Progress is never sacrificed for perfection.


We follow the evidence, and prioritize data and science over seniority and dogma.

No Ego

We believe everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.


We have a strong sense of ownership and take initiative, while also empowering others to do the same.

Employee Experience

Nicki Choudhary, Product Manager
Nicki leads product for the patient-facing mobile and web applications.
Brent Creighton, Clinical Team Lead
Brent interacts with patients on a daily basis, helping them achieve their health goals.
Bryce Aebi, Engineering Lead
Bryce works as a full-stack engineer on the Internal Tools Team.
Neha Shevade, Engineering Lead
Neha leads engineering efforts around Virta's patient-facing mobile and web applications.

Company Culture

We're on a mission—are you?

Mission Driven

Virta’s mission, to reverse type 2 diabetes in 100 million people by 2025, aligns each and every employee to a common purpose. Virta is structured in small, nimble teams that work quickly and are empowered to make critical decisions to move the company forward. Our mission, combined with the pace of work and autonomy given to its employees, provides the perfect environment for rapid career growth.

Succeeding with Diversity

As a full-stack company delivering end-to-end health care, Virta has assembled an incredibly diverse team of medical providers, developers, coaches, designers, marketers, researchers, and product experts. We look for individuals who can contribute different points of view, and we celebrate diversity, be it in education, experience, race, ethnicity, gender, or otherwise. Virta’s patients represent the entire spectrum of the human experience—and so do the employees.

Beyond the Office

Virta takes its mission seriously while appreciating the individuality of its employees and the importance of having fun outside of work. Whether it’s team offsites, happy hours, diversity dinners, team bike rides, whiskey Fridays, or VR parties, there's always something going on for Virtans looking to connect beyond the office.

At Virta, life is good


Virta is growing fast, which means there are many opportunities for you to take on a new role or learn a new skill.


We're all eligible for equity awards, and everyone acts like an owner. Working together means winning together.

Real Connections

Virta’s weekly catered lunches, monthly happy hours, and semi-annual offsites are a great way to connect with coworkers.

Taking Care of Our People

Our competitive benefits package includes premium medical, dental, and vision coverage. We also offer paid parental leave, the ability to work remotely, and more.

Giving Back

We give back to our teammates and our communities, whether through our gratitude round on our weekly all-hands call, or during our monthly volunteering events.

Flexible Schedule

Virta encourages sustainable high performance with flexible work hours and an unlimited vacation policy.