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Clinical and Operations

A multifaceted group that delivers hands-on, life-changing care while improving our ability to reach millions more.
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Clinical Excellence

A diverse team of dieticians, behavioral specialists, certified coaches, nurses, & social workers providing treatment through behavior change and individualized support.
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Support Operations

Enables exponential scaling across Virta to deliver transformational outcomes via non-clinical patient support and operational process improvements.
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Med Staff

Delivering care and owning clinical management through our innovative continuous remote care model to ensure patient safety.
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Supply Chain

Focuses on delivering physical supplies and goods that enable our patients to measure and own their health progress.
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Enrollment Operations

Guide patients from  application through enrollment, ensuring a successful, service-oriented start to the treatment journey.
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Clinical Education

Responsible for delivery of personalized patient education, engagement, behavior change support, onboarding, mentoring and training experience for the patient-facing Operations team.

“Virta has given me the opportunity to support our patients in reversing disease; empowering them to become the CEO of their own health!”

Lauren Wagner
Health Coach
“Virta has allowed me to creatively process innovation to improve overall operations and workflows for various teams and overall patient experience.”
Tatiana Pagan
Support Operations Specialist
“Virta has inspired me to be a perpetual student of the data; ever iterating on what we do to improve our care and patient outcomes.”
Dr. Frank Dumont, MD
Physician & Commercial Medical Director
“I enjoy working at Virta because there's always something new to solve and my teammates are supportive and caring!”
Brent Creighton
Clinical Pod Lead

We’re changing healthcare:

Virta is driven by a clear mission and set of values that align us all towards disrupting the chronic care model and providing the highest level of care to our patients. See why we’re different…

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The Virta care paradigm is remarkably flexible and takes away much of the time crunch and administrative burden that many providers cite as predominant causes of burnout.

Founded in Science

Delivering an evidence-based treatment with validated outcomes and measurable health improvements is the core of our business, which is why we put our fees at-risk.


We are improving our patients' health and the entire health care industry at the root. We are breaking the traditional, expensive, and flawed molds of current healthcare system.

Open positions on Clinical and Operations teams

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