Groundbreaking Clinical Outcomes

Virta's landmark clinical trial demonstrated rapid type 2 diabetes reversal in as little as 10 weeks, with sustained and improved results at 1 year—all published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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  • 60%
    of patients reversed
    their type 2 diabetes 
  • 94%
    of patients reduced
    or eliminated insulin 
  • 1.3%
    Average HbA1c reduction
    at one year 
  • 30 lbs
    avg weight loss at
    one year (12%) 
  • 3+
    Improved metabolic
Hallberg SJ, McKenzie AL, Williams P, et al. Effectiveness and Safety of a Novel Care Model for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes at One Year: An Open Label, Non-Randomized, Controlled Study. Diabetes Ther. 2018. DOI: 10.1007/s13300-018-0373-9

What is Virta?

Tired of just managing your diabetes? Virta's unique treatment can help get blood sugar down to normal levels without medication or surgery.

What does the Virta Treatment include?

Physician Supervision

A metabolic health specialist provides continuous medical supervision, check-ups, and safe medication reductions.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Our team personalizes and continuously adapts your Virta Treatment plan to restore your metabolic health

Tools for Biomarker Feedback

Measuring blood glucose, ketones, weight, and more helps us personalize the Virta Treatment to your individual biochemistry.

Personal Health Coach

A nutrition and behavior expert answers your questions, helps you form habits, and keeps you accountable.

On-demand Resources

Learn the basics from a structured online curriculum, and access a library of guides and food options for any dietary preference.

Private Virta Community

Connect with other Virta patients to find support and share tips in a positive, moderated environment.

What do patients have to say about Virta?

Went from 4 diabetes medications down to 1 with Virta
Off of all insulin and reduced eye pressure by 50% with Virta
Reversed diabetes and lost 100 lbs on Virta
Reversed her type 2 diabetes and is off her insulin
Off all blood pressure and diabetes medications with Virta
Dropped her HbA1c from 10.5 to 5.5 with Virta

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