Jennifer Christian-Hermann, Ph.D, from Blue Shield of California.
Jennifer Christian-Herman, Ph.D.
Vice President, Mind Body Medicine and Behavioral Health, Blue Shield of California

“Our experience with Virta has really been exceptional.”

From type 2 diabetes to prediabetes to obesity, Virta helps your members reverse their condition and take back their life.

Control Rx costs and improve outcomes by offering reversal

Virta integrates with your ASO, Commercial Fully-insured, and Medicare Advantage businesses to help your members reduce medications, improve blood sugar, and lose weight. Our physicians, nurse practitioners, and health coaches deliver a high-touch, personalized lifestyle intervention to people in all 50 states.

Diabetes Reversal

Safely deprescribe diabetes medications and return blood sugar to subdiabetic levels.

Sustainable Weight Loss

Deliver clinically significant weight loss comparable to existing weight-loss drugs.

Prediabetes Reversal

Return blood sugar to below prediabetic levels and deliver clinically significant weight loss.

Diabetes Management

Monitor and control blood sugar, while providing a path to reversal.

Unmatched results that last

Virta helps your members get healthy and take back their life, while helping you control costs within your organization

Average Weight Loss

Our members experience weight loss similar to that delivered by current weight-loss drugs¹

Medication Reduction

Fewer diabetes medications is a game-changer, inspiring members to reimagine their future¹
Spot illustration of two stacks of cash

Cost Savings

Reversing metabolic conditions leads to massive savings—$6k per enrolled member per year²

Rapid and sustained Rx cost reduction

Virta’s approach restores metabolic health while reducing the need for expensive prescription medications. No tradeoffs required.³
Graph showing diabetes-specific prescription costs on Virta dropping to about 40% of their original levels by around 8 weeks and remaining at that level for 2 years

Industry-leading sustainable weight loss

Virta offers a better way to navigate GLP-1 costs and utilization for both weight loss and type 2 diabetes. Our members experience comparable weight loss to GLP-1s at a fraction of the cost.

Spot illustration of a female doctor in a white coat standing at a computer

Virta easily integrates with your business

Virta fits with your existing lines of business to bring the benefits of reversal to your members.

Commercial Fully Insured

Deliver a transformational clinical solution

Virta’s medical providers complement PCP care, and are licensed to practice in all 50 states.

Address high cost pharmacy spend

Deliver transformative outcomes to the 40% of members with diabetes on high cost drugs.

Scale to your full membership

Virta offers the infrastructure of an enterprise-grade vendor and can support massive, nationwide implementations.

Percent of commercial members with diabetes who are on high-cost Rx

Virta quickly and sustainably reduces the need for prescription medications, and can drastically lower Rx claims from members.


Deliver breakthrough outcomes

Employers are blown away by Virta’s clinical and economic impact, with more than 60% of type 2 diabetes members achieving reversal.

Unlock a new lever for cost savings

Many employers have already tried diabetes management or prevention; reversal is a completely new avenue.

Win and retain more business

Employers agree that Virta represents the next generation of chronic disease management.

Percent of ASO members achieving diabetes reversal

More than half of ASO patients who are with Virta for one year achieve diabetes reversal—lowering blood glucose below the diabetes threshold while removing all diabetes-specific medications.

Medicare Advantage

A proven solution for the Medicare population

Virta achieves diabetes reversal rates of 60% within the 65+ population.

Tackle diabetes and related co-morbidities

Virta addresses both direct costs of diabetes as well as related risk factors such as cardiovascular health.

Support members who need it most

Diabetes prevalence in Medicare is 2x the rest of the population, and Medicare patients often lack access to specialty diabetes care.

Diabetes prevalence in Medicare population, compared to entire population

Medicare patients are particularly hard-hit by the diabetes epidemic. Virta provides a solution to get Medicare patients healthy—and off of expensive prescription medications.

The Reversal Advantage

Only reversal offers a non-invasive, cost-effective and sustainable way to improve metabolic health for your population¹,

How we address social determinants of health

Access to transportation

Virta is fully-virtual, available via telemedicine, across the entire U.S.

Access to food

We tailor recommendations to each person’s unique circumstances

Socioeconomic status

We built our approach to serve everyone, across socioeconomic strata

Access to community

Members safely connect with each other within our private community

Reversal as a health equity tool

Virta demonstrates life-changing results for members, irrespective of socioeconomic status or race or ethnicity
See Virta’s health equity outcomes

Reversal is life-changing. Our members say it best.

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Linda, Virta Member

Linda lost 65 pounds and celebrated new victories

“For decades, I had tried everything to lose weight. Bariatric surgery was next—I had even signed up for the procedure. Then I found out about Virta. Since then, I’ve lost 65 pounds, while reducing my medications. I can finally fit comfortably behind the steering wheel in my car and put the tray table down on an airplane. It feels like a miracle.”
Dan, Virta Member

Dan is thriving after seeing results he didn't think were possible

“I lost 30 pounds on Ozempic, yet I still couldn’t get my blood sugar under control. And I hated the injections. Since starting Virta, I’ve lost 110 pounds and reversed my diabetes, while eliminating Ozempic and several other diabetes medications. Plus, I’m walking 8-10 miles per day. These are results like I’ve never seen before, and never thought I would.”
Sheila, Virta Member

Sheila reversed her condition and regained her energy

“I’m half Puero Rican, half Barbadian, and diabetes has run rampant in my family and my community for generations—resulting in amputations and even death for several of my closest family members. Through Virta, I’ve now reversed my diabetes, lost over 20 pounds, and regained my energy. The diabetes epidemic in my family stops with me.”

Pay for results, not promises

Virta only gets paid if we are successful in delivering real health improvement—the way all payment should work in healthcare.

100% fees at risk for:

  • A1c Improvements
  • Weight Loss
  • Prescription Reductions

We don't charge for:

  • Implementation
  • Non-participants
  • Engagement

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