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Technology Teams

Contribute directly to improving the health of our members, no matter your team
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Create high-performance and cutting-edge cloud infrastructure to empower engineering and product teams to drive innovations in a fast paced, secure, and scalable environment while adhering to compliance standards.
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Applied AI

Develop intelligent systems that drive patient acquisition, experience, and outcomes at scale.
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Partners with the Clinical team to build our proprietary electronic health record system that allows for a new model of remote continuous diabetes care. Also sets the standard and evangelizes best practices on how other teams contribute to and utilize clinical data.
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The beginning of a member’s Virta journey to reverse diabetes starts with the Client group, which builds a frictionless experience for supporting the member lifecycle. This includes creation of tooling and workflows to support marketing outreach for awareness, enrollment and eligibility as well as billing support for internal teams at Virta.
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Enables our engineers to build and operate effectively through tooling and support that embodies both our current standards and long-term architectural direction.
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The Patient Group builds the mobile and web experiences that enable members to journey through the Virta treatment and facilitates connection with their care team.
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Insights & Analytics

I&A serves a critical function at Virta by generating data driven insights that steer commercial, product and operational strategic decision making.
Neha Shevade

Head of Engineering

“From an engineering standpoint, the challenges are crazy! I have something to look forward to every day”

“My work feels impactful because our technology is rooted in data science and machine learning, and guides our team to provide individualized interventions.”

Nasir Bhanpuri, PhD

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

"As Virta grows, I am thrilled to be facing the engineering challenges that come with scale, while also knowing I'm helping to bring our crucial treatment to more and more people."

Allison Braithwaite

Software Engineer, Clinic Team

“At Virta, I appreciate the clear and focused nature of our mission. I feel a deep sense of purpose here as I can see how the work I do directly contributes toward achieving that mission.”

Cherno Jagne

Software Engineer, Client Team

A.I. Driven Alerts for Coaches & Patients

Develop Machine Learning Models

Developed Machine Learning Models to predict which patients would benefit most from clinician outreach

Putting Data Science Into Action

Used Machine Learning Models to alert clinicians and provide accurate patient context to appropriately develop personalized engagement tactics.

Interactive Action List Interface


Developed an in-app “to do” list where coaches (or algorithms!) can assign acitvities and interventions

Improved Outcomes

Clear steps led to improved engagement and overall improved health outcomes for patients.

COVID-19 Support

At-Home Lab Tests

Developed integration to use self-administered, at-home labs to allow patients to stay home during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Worked cross-functionally with Operations, Clinicians and Product organizations to effectively develop and implement.

Open positions on Technology Teams

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