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Diversity at Virta

At Virta, we believe improving the diversity and inclusivity of our team is crucial to achieving our mission of reversing T2D in 100M. From helping us generate paradigm-shifting ideas to better understanding the needs of our diverse patient base, building an increasingly more diverse team can transform our business and our community. And, focusing on diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do and the way in which we aspire to grow and build our organization.
Shaila Chhibba
Parents of Virta, Customer Success Account Executive

"I was able to truly enjoy time with my family during parental leave because of the supportive policies and benefits offered by Virta. My transition back to work was also very smooth because of accommodations such as a Mother’s room in the office and a manager and team who communicated openly with me and were very understanding of how my schedule and needs had changed."

Employee Resource Groups

We began our D&I journey through supporting our passionate employee resource groups to deliver programs and events that help recruit, grow, and retain teammates from underrepresented and marginalized groups while continuing to educate the company as a whole. We welcome teammates like you, who are excited to join in our journey and learn and grow with us.

Virtans for Diversity (VFD)

Virtans for Diversity (VFD) is a community dedicated to advancing equality, accessibility and inclusion for employees and patients at Virta. Founded in the values of Safety, Community, Data-Driven, and Action, VFD believes every Virtan is entitled to an equitable opportunity to participate and succeed. Fostering an environment of inclusion & trust will help us achieve our company mission to reverse type 2 diabetes in 100 million by 2025.

Ladies of Virta (LoV)

The Ladies of Virta group (LoV) seeks to create an inclusive environment that encourages and supports women through connection, mentorship, collaboration, and discussion. Through our five focus areas: mentorship, advocacy, educational programming, communications, and social events, LoV strives to create opportunities for career mentorship, build cross-functional relationships, provide learning opportunities within and outside of Virta, and to represent LoV interests in company decisions.

Parents of Virta

It is essential to Virta to support the families and loved ones who uplift our Employees everyday. We provide an array of benefits to support our employees and their families like: paid parental leave—16 weeks at 100% pay with no need to file with the state. We also offer parental support through our partnership with Cleo and other childcare benefits. Virta provides the space for Virta parents to communicate, support one another and share best practices.

Green Committee

The Green Committee strives to ensure that we care for our environment as we care for our patients by coordinating trainings for all employees, and promoting sustainable habits through the Virta offices and practices in our daily lives.

Women in Engineering

Virta created an "Engineering Women" group to connect and support female identifying Virtans who write code or are interested in writing code across our various teams, including engineering leadership. We provide a safe space to better promote women in engineering, both within and outside of Virta. Some of our activities in this effort include actively participating in our engineering mentorship program and providing an interview workshop for women interested in software engineering!

Making Impact on D&I


Through recruiting events and employee trainings, book clubs, etc. we strive to create a versatile and educated workforce that all employees feel motivated to do their best work.


Virta provides an extensive number of covered benefits to support employees of all needs and circumstances. See our Benefits section for more.


We partner with a number of organizations to foster an environment of education & inclusivity. See below for our partners!


“People First” is at the top our values reminding all of us to take care of ourselves, our peers, and our patient, equally.

Internal Response to COVID-19

While employee safety and comfort is a top priority, Virta has implemented a number of opportunities to stay connected, productive, and inspired while we all are working remotely. Weekly correspondence outlines fitness classes, home-office equipment stipends, social events, schedule adjustments, and much more!

Virta partners with

Women Impact Tech
She Geeks Out
Him for Her
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Hear from other ERG members

“The Ladies of Virta Mentorship program has given me the opportunity to build relationships with women across teams and areas of expertise—women who I otherwise may not have had the opportunity to connect with on such a deep level!”
Else Sharp
Customer Success Manager
“Our VFD gathering is one of my favorite meetings at work! It’s the place where teammates from all walks of life and all levels of our company come together to work on issues of diversity and inclusion, including hiring, retention and healthcare equity. VFD is one of many reasons Virta is a great place to work.”
Cheryl Derricotte
Sr. Manager, Facilities Operations & Spaces