Virta is rebuilding diabetes care from the ground up—here's why it's better for patients and providers

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June 18, 2024
January 17, 2020
Jeff Stanley, MD
Jeff Stanley, MD
Jeff Stanley, MD

If you’re someone living with type 2 diabetes, your last doctor’s visit probably involved a long wait and a consultation too short to answer all your questions. If you were lucky, you left with no changes to your medications. For many, though, you were probably told to take more medications, eat less, exercise more, and come back in three to six months.

For physicians working within the traditional diabetes care model, that office visit is like catching a minute of a movie every hour. It’s a tiny glimpse into your chronic illness. In other words, in the current system, even the most talented, well-intentioned providers are missing your movie. They are missing your highs, your lows, and most importantly, they are missing the opportunity to truly help you get better. It is frustrating for them, and for you, the patient.

At Virta, we’re changing this.

As a treatment proven to reverse diabetes, Virta turns the episodic doctor’s visit on its head by combining medical supervision, health coaching, and digital tools to help you succeed. With Virta, your doctor is at your fingertips—no scheduling, no travel, no waiting.

This means that, as our personalized nutrition guidance begins to restore blood sugar naturally and quickly, Virta's licensed practitioners are available on-demand to safely de-prescribe medications. Meanwhile, our health coaches are available whenever they are needed to guide you on your journey, from providing resources to answering questions to giving you encouragement when you need it.

Among the many things we and our patients love about this model of care is how the frequent engagement deepens the doctor-patient relationship beyond what a 15-minute quarterly visit to a physician’s office would allow. The Virta model (we call it Continuous Remote Care) enables patients to collaborate with their care team at key moments — from medication de-prescription, to full reversal, to ongoing sustainability.

We’re excited about this care model for many reasons, and most importantly for what it means for patient results. Virta's type 2 diabetes research tells the story: 60% of our patients fully reverse type 2 diabetes after one year. That is, they restore HbA1c to sub-diabetic levels while eliminating diabetes-specific medications.

Our patients, though, best explain the transformational impact of cutting out expensive medicines and getting their life back. There is a reason why we have patients getting a tattoo of the Virta logo, and why so many people are willing to share their reversal stories. We are humbled and in awe of every one of our patients, and grateful for the opportunity to help transform lives through what we are doing here at Virta.

Our clinical team has the honor and privilege of being able to routinely tell our patients, “You can go ahead and stop your insulin. You don’t need it!”

And we won't stop working until we can say this to everyone.

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