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June 18, 2024
April 6, 2020
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I joined Virta over a year ago because of the transformational outcomes our patients see on Virta. What we are doing at Virta—radically improving patient health while reducing medications while only getting paid for successful results—is how all healthcare should work.

Consistently delivering these results has increased urgency in the COVID-19 era, given what we know about chronic conditions creating increased risk for complications and even death from COVID-19.

This is one of many reasons we were honored to be named the Gold winner in Diabetes care as part of the Validation Institute’s Health Value Awards.

Validating health outcomes has never been more important, especially in diabetes care. Nearly 50% of the adult population has prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, creating an explosion of diabetes-related vendors offering solutions. Yet, despite hundreds of billions of dollars of annual spend, we’ve seen virtually zero improvement in population outcomes.

This is a travesty. Why do we continue to burn money like this without having to prove any value at all, while watching 30 people die per hour (yes per hour!) when we know we can stop this?

At Virta, we’ve made it a top priority to prove the Virta program is producing life-altering outcomes in diabetes reversal, and not just because we say it is. Outcomes validation is critical for everyone in our healthcare system, and most importantly the patient. Unlike almost any other virtual care solution, we did a large scale clinical trial before we commercialized our outcomes. We have published six peer reviewed papers on the results our patients have achieved on Virta.

This is why we are so excited for this recognition from the Validation Institute, which also previously verified Virta’s clinical outcomes on the remarkable improvements in HbA1c (blood sugar), medication use, and weight.

The Validation Institute does not take this verification decree lightly. Their researchers went through a rigorous investigation of our performance claims, data sources, data, calculations and promised results, before granting Virta their “stamp of approval.”

Their CEO gets the issue in the industry, and the magnitude of Virta’s patient outcomes: “When it comes to reporting outcomes, many diabetes vendors make big promises that do not stand up to close analytical scrutiny. Virta is the first and only diabetes program to meet Validation Institute’s high bar for delivering clinical outcomes that are both transformational and verifiable.”

We are honored for this support and recognition, and there is much more to come on the validation of Virta’s clinical and commercial results. We also have new peer-reviewed data from our clinical trial coming soon that has exciting implications for sustainability and resolution of other chronic metabolic diseases.

In the meantime, we’ll be hard at work getting people off of costly medications and their debilitating side-effects and reversing chronic disease. Our industry has mountains of data to show that ongoing management of reversible diseases is doing nothing to fix the epidemic. It’s time to stop this madness. Let’s work together to help people achieve lasting change, for the benefit of us all.

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