Keto and Low Carb Italian Recipes

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January 25, 2024
September 4, 2018
Virta Health
Virta Health
Virta Health

If you’re choosing to follow a low carb lifestyle for diabetes reversal or other reasons, it can be hard to find substitutes for your favorite foods. Italian food can be high carb, but don’t worry—here are some delicious low carb alternatives you can try!

Because nutritional ketosis can lead to rapid decreases in blood sugar and blood pressure, Virta strongly recommends getting medical supervision before making any dietary changes if you are on medications for blood sugar or blood pressure. A physician can help you safely reduce your medications so that they don’t drive your blood sugar or blood pressure too low. Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and hypotensive (low blood pressure) episodes can be very dangerous.

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Virta’s Favorite Low Carb Italian Recipes

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Meatball Recipe
Basic Zucchini Noodle Recipe

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