Shirley Mennen

Human Resources Director

We are honored to celebrate Shirley Mennen as our latest healthcare hero. Shirley is the Human Resource Director for Tippecanoe County Government, and was first appointed to her position in November of 2006.  She has worked in the Human Resource field or over twenty-five years. 

Shirley is a life-long resident of Tippecanoe County.  In 2015 Shirley and her husband Mike participated in the Keto Research study in Lafayette with Dr. Hallberg.  Seeing the huge improvements in overall health and reductions in medication use, Shirley thought that the county should participate in the program.  In 2018 she was able to make that happen when she introduced the county to the Virta representatives.  Tippecanoe County Government executed the agreement for county employees to participate in the program at no out-of-pocket cost.  Seeing the success of the program, the county added the Virta Obesity Management component on June 1, 2021.

"If you're an employer and you're looking at ways that you can improve your employees' health and wellness and reduce your costs, definitely look into Virta. Even if you don't think that you have a population that would be able to use it, you might be really surprised. I believe highly in Virta, and I would encourage anyone to try it."
Shirley Mennen

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Shirley Mennen

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