Dr. Debra Esser

Former Chief Medical Officer

Debra Esser, MD is the former chief medical officer and vice president of health care services at a leading Nebraska-based health plan. She served as a member of the leadership team and was responsible for medical policy and medical review, as well as strategic oversight of quality management programs. Previously, Dr. Esser also served as chief medical officer for Aetna Better Health of Nebraska. Prior to that, she held leadership positions at Coventry Health Care Nebraska/Iowa, Omaha Physician’s Clinic and Methodist Hospital and United Healthcare Nebraska/Iowa.

Dr. Esser is actively involved in community service in Nebraska and is a passionate advocate of changing and bettering the lives and well-being of patients with type 2 diabetes in Nebraska.

"What's most exciting for me is the chance to really change the health outlook for patients with type 2 diabetes in Nebraska. Across the nation, we have had an epidemic... and so the most exciting part is to take that epidemic and turn it backwards. The thing that really impressed us was that Virta said, 'You will see these results.' And we did."
Dr. Debra Esser

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Dr. Debra Esser

Tell us about yourself. What excites you about your job?

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"Words can not thank you enough for allowing me to join Virta at no cost. Virta has helped me in so many ways with my health. I have a long way to go, but have no doubt I will reach all my goals. The staff at Virta is amazing and I could not do it without all the help from them. I hope more employers will join in this free cost program to their employees because Virta is a life saver in my eyes. Thank so much Virta and health plan team."
"I just wanted to thank you for providing this program free of charge to employees. It's the only thing that's worked for me. I've lost around so much weight and am so close to hitting my goal. I couldn't do it without this program!"
"Thank you so much for caring about the health and well-being of your employees to offer this benefit. So far, I have seen such a tremendous change in my health on this program. Thank you again."
"It’s really been a blessing to have the Virta team in my corner throughout this journey to keep me on track. Thank you for offering such a great benefit!"

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