Ryan Smith, DO

Non-interventional Integrative Cardiologist

Ryan Smith, DO is a practicing clinical cardiologist with over a decade of experience in his medical practice. He first heard about Virta from his patients, and has been tirelessly advocating for reversal since. “The most impressive patient result I’ve seen: A gentleman after five months in the Virta program has dropped hemoglobin A1c by nearly three percentage points. Has come off of four medications, including insulin as well as 90 pounds of weight loss. It sounds miraculous. It sounds like this would be a one-off, but all I keep seeing is patients coming back and having the same results.”

What are the clinical benefits of Virta’s diabetes reversal treatment, through the eyes of a cardiologist? Watch his interview to find out.

“Engaging in the Virta Health program has been one of the biggest, the greatest benefits that I’ve been able to recommend to them as a cardiologist. I have seen tremendous results from my patients… from weight loss, to reduction in hemoglobin A1C, improvement in their medications, and other metabolic risk factors like hypertension and dyslipidemia."
Ryan Smith, DO

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Ryan Smith, DO

As a clinical cardiologist, why is diabetes reversal important to you?

How did you learn about Virta's diabetes reversal treatment?

Why do you recommend Virta's diabetes reversal treatment to patients?

What would you tell others considering Virta's diabetes reversal program?

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