Rita King

Vice President, Employee Benefits Consultant

Rita King has a 25-year and running career in the employee wellness space, has served more than 10 years at BBVA leading their benefits administration programs for 10,000 EEs and 20,000 covered members on their health plan. Throughout her career as a benefits leader, her guiding principle has been focusing on bringing innovation to spark change. Diabetes has historically been a pain point for BBVA, and transitioning from diabetes management to reversal has been a game changer: “Reversal… that’s unheard of. When you have employees who are feeling good in their bodies and lowering their blood sugar, feeling better, being active, and enjoying their kids, that’s really where it’s at.”

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"The underlying message from other diabetes vendors is 'we HOPE we can help you.' With Virta, the message is, 'we KNOW we can help you.' When you've worked in wellness programs for years and years and nothing works, when Virta comes along it's nothing short of a miracle."
Rita King

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Rita King

How is Virta different from other diabetes vendors?

What convinced you to try reversal?

What outcomes are you seeing in your population?

What's your message to other benefits leaders?

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"I am so thankful and proud of my employer. I worried a lot about my diabetes diagnosis. My coworker shared with me how our employer offered to help employees like me through Virta. Thank God! Since being on the program about 3 months I’ve lost weight and my diabetes is in check to within normal range. I have the privilege and honor to work for an employer who truly cares, especially in our current times with a pandemic in our midst."
"I was really scared when I was diagnosed. We are so used to hear all sort of terrible stories about people with diabetes that it was unimaginable to think about one word: reverse. Thanks to you for incorporating Virta and that word to my health. I’m 100% positive that I’m going to beat this thing."
"I just want to 'Thank BBVA' for the Leadership provided to take the steps necessary to provide this extraordinary benefit to Team members. Without the supervision and guidance of the Virta Team, I would not have been able to achieve the results that I’ve had to date. I have lost weight., eliminated two my three daily diabetes meds, lowered my blood pressure and improved overall metabolic health to medically normal levels. Thank you for your life changing support!"
"This tool and benefit is educating and empowering me to be able to make profound changes in my life making me a healthier and better person to be there for my team mates and our clients Thanks!"
"So very thankful BBVA is taking our health to heart and offering should a great Benefit to help those of us who are having a hard time getting back on track to healthy way of living. I hope BBVA continues this journey and other BBVA employees are joining this program."

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