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Rita King

Vice President, Employee Benefits Consultant

Rita King has a 25-year and running career in the employee wellness space, has served more than 10 years at BBVA leading their benefits administration programs for 10,000 EEs and 20,000 covered members on their health plan. Throughout her career as a benefits leader, her guiding principle has been focusing on bringing innovation to spark change. Diabetes has historically been a pain point for BBVA, and transitioning from diabetes management to reversal has been a game changer: “Reversal… that’s unheard of. When you have employees who are feeling good in their bodies and lowering their blood sugar, feeling better, being active, and enjoying their kids, that’s really where it’s at.”

Listen to the rest of her story in the interview below. 

"The underlying message from other diabetes vendors is 'we HOPE we can help you.' With Virta, the message is, 'we KNOW we can help you.' When you've worked in wellness programs for years and years and nothing works, when Virta comes along it's nothing short of a miracle."
Rita King

Rita King

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