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Heidi Husk

Employee Wellbeing and Safety Manager

Heidi Husk’s decade-long career in the benefits space and passion for healthcare eventually led her to transition to the hospital industry. At Nebraska Medicine, Heidi finds herself in a unique role of caring for caregivers—doctors, nurses, administrative and food service staff. “I get a lot of life from getting to care for caregivers….I feel like all of our patients who come through the doors of our health system are my patients because I get to make sure that their caregivers are in the best wellbeing space that they can possibly be.” At Nebraska Medicine, Heidi is a key champion of innovation as one of their core values. Her drive to bring Virta’s diabetes reversal treatment to her population was a multi-year effort to turn around the diabetes trend, and change hundreds of lives for the better.

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“Diabetes has historically been a high claims item… we haven't been able to move the needle for several years… [so] we were initially blown out of the water the first time we got a report and it showed us how many individuals had reduced their medications or now had a prediabetic A1c. There was a bit of a jaw drop, [that] we've seen this much progress this quickly."
Heidi Husk

Heidi Husk

What motivated you to help Nebraska Medicine start reversing diabetes?

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