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Helping Veterans get their lives back from type 2 diabetes

As a VHA Community Care Network* provider, we offer the Ketogenic Diabetes Telehealth Service to help patients put diabetes into remission.

* Managed by Optum and Triwest

About Virta

Virta is a patient-centered lifestyle program that reverses diabetes and metabolic syndrome under medical supervision. Think of us as a virtual diabetes specialist that delivers sustainable results. On average in their first year, patients interact with our providers on a near daily basis.

Two year ADA data show Veterans achieved a 0.6% average HbA1c reduction, and 7% average weight loss. 41% fewer people required diabetes medication beyond metformin, and 42% fewer people required insulin.

[00:00] Introduction
[2:37] Health Outcomes & Evidence in the Veteran Population
[16:54] Nutrition Principles & the Patient Experience
[26:05] Patient Eligibility Criteria

The Ketogenic Diabetes Telehealth service will be available soon to more Veterans

Currently, we are only accepting referrals for the original Veteran Pilot patient cohort. Provide your email if you'd like to be notified when we start accepting referrals for new Veteran patients.
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For VA Providers

How to refer in CPRS

  1. Click “Outpatient Consults”
  2. Click “Community Care”
  3. Locate “Ancillary Services”
  4. Select “Ketogenic Diabetes Telehealth Services SEOC 1.3.1” from the drop-down menu
  5. Click “New Request”
  6. Complete the informed consent and screening questions 1-6. Referrers will need to select "yes" to all screening questions.
*"Virta Medical PC" will need to be selected if your clinic also assigns the provider/facility. Ensure the Affiliation matches your CCN region (1-6)
For CCN Providers

How to refer in HSRM or by Fax

  1. Complete Request for Services form and include all relevant medical documents.
  2. For existing referrals, upload the RFS form to the HSRM referral and follow the directions on the RefDocs, OR Fax to the Community Care Office at your local VAMC.
  3. For new referrals, contact Community Care Office at your local VAMC for the appropriate fax number.

For additional support, call CCN Provider Services:

  • Region 1: 888-901-7407
  • Region 2: 844-839-6108
  • Region 3: 888-901-6613
  • Regions 4 & 5: 877-226-8749

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ketogenic Diabetes Telehealth Service? 
How does the program work?
Which of my patients can I refer to the Ketogenic Diabetes Telehealth Service?
What are the backgrounds of the providers working with patients? 
How does Virta work with VA Providers?
When will I be able to refer new Veterans to the Ketogenic Diabetes Telehealth Service?
How can you contact our clinic for more information?

Reversal is life-changing.
Our veterans say it best.

Preston, Army Veteran
Tim, Navy Veteran
Sheila, Navy Veteran

Veterans real world clinical outcomes

What results can Veterans see with Virta
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2-year outcomes among Veterans treated at Virta

  • 41% fewer people require diabetes medication beyond metformin
  • 42% fewer people require insulin
  • 0.6% average HbA1c reduction, while 7% achieve diabetes remission
  • 7% average weight loss

Get involved!

If you are interested in learning more about Ketogenic Diabetes Telehealth Services, our work with Veterans, or have questions, we would love to hear from you.

Advancing science and medicine

Our treatment is founded on decades of research and supported by ongoing clinical studies.