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Stay informed on COVID-19 and Diabetes

Our knowledge of diabetes and COVID-19, which creates risk of serious complications for those living with chronic illnesses, continues to evolve. Get quarterly updates on COVID-19 and diabetes from our clinical leaders, access useful resources on how patients are coping, and see what industry thought leaders are saying about the future of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Webinar Series

The Rx Affordability Crisis

Drug Pricing Reform and Implications for Employers & Health Plans

Join us for a panel of top policy experts to decode the latest chatter and trends on drug pricing as we investigate the potential impact on health plan and employer benefits and spending.

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Past Webinars

Healthcare 2021: The Year of Tele-everything

COVID-19 spurred a wave of telemedicine adoption, but how much is just hype, and how much will truly deliver sustained transformation to healthcare? What changes will actually endure after the dust from the pandemic settles?

Medicare, Medicaid, & Diabetes Strategy in the Biden Era

The Biden Administration is facing a set of unprecedented healthcare challenges as COVID-19 rages on. Americans covered by Medicare and Medicaid have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, and among this population, patients living with diabetes face even more dire circumstances. What policies will turn this trend around? And how should health plans, employers, and health systems prepare?

How COVID-19 Will Change Healthcare Forever: Featuring Don Berwick and Bob Kocher

Chief healthcare architects predict top 5 healthcare transformations to endure after COVID-19.

What we know about COVID-19 and Diabetes

Those living with diabetes are at more risk from infections related to the novel coronavirus, including severe complications and markedly increased mortality, roughly 3x compared to the general population, but do not appear to be more susceptible to contracting the virus.

Controlling blood sugar is likely a modifiable risk factor to minimize the severity of COVID-19 infection in people with diabetes. While acknowledging possible difficulties, we recommend that people with diabetes take measures to achieve tight blood sugar control.

We also recommend that those living with diabetes take extra precautions against infection including limiting occasions in public spaces (like grocery stores) wearing a face mask in public, and diligently following all social-distancing rules.

Dr. Robert Ratner, Chief Medical Officer of Virta Health, discusses the latest evidence around COVID-19 and Diabetes


From The American Diabetes Association, to diaTribe, to the CDC, these organizations are providing valuable resources to shed light on the connection between COVID-19 and diabetes. Have others that you like? Let us know here.