What our patients say about Virta

It’s not just about the numbers. Our patients report regained energy, restored vision, better sleep, and even recovered nerve feeling. Each has their own inspring type 2 diabetes reversal story.

Lost 50 lbs and dropped her A1c from 10.1% to 7.5% in just 6 months

Lost 80 lbs and made significant improvements in her mental health and dealing with depression

Diagnosed at 17 and finally off 3 diabetes medications nearly 20 years later

Eliminated his insulin injections in just a few weeks on Virta

Reversed her diabetes, stopped needing a seatbelt extender & reduced her arthritis pain

Went off all expensive diabetes medications while bringing his fasting glucose down to <100 mg/dL

Put an end to prediabetes and the hormone imbalances that accompany PCOS

Reversed diabetes & eliminated insulin while saving hundreds of dollars per month

Reversed her prediabetes, got rid of her body aches and can walk without knee pain

Reversed prediabetes on Virta with her spouse Brad

Had such tremendous success that her story was featured on an episode of “The Doctors”

Accountability helped her eliminate chronic muscle pain & take up new hobbies

Eliminated insulin in 60 days & enjoys being able to ride bikes with his kids again

Has blood sugar readings of less than 100 mg/dL every morning and lost 30 lbs

Reversed her diabetes in just 4 months on Virta and gained the energy to start her doctorate

Said goodbye to migraines, joint pain & fatigue—and her prediabetes diagnosis

Said goodbye to his insulin pump after just one week on Virta

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