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Virta worked for me when nothing else had

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October 2, 2018
January 25, 2024

By Neha, a Virta patient

Eight months ago, I wasn’t sure if I would ever get to see my daughter grow up.  Type 2 diabetes stood between me and the life I hoped for, but joining Virta changed that. After just three months into the Virta Treatment, my blood pressure was controlled, I lost 30 pounds, and I was off mealtime insulin. I’m finally achieving what I had always been working toward.

On August 7, 2009 I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension just hours after miscarrying my first child. It was a day that left me numb and confused. At the time I had no idea what it really meant to be diabetic. The following months were difficult ones as we struggled to understand my condition while also trying to conceive.  Even as I tried to educate myself, I was left with incomplete information and unanswered questions. Finally, I started taking an oral medication so that my daughter could be conceived.

After my daughter was born, I set out to take control of my health, but it was discouraging battle. No matter what I tried or how carefully I followed my doctor’s recommendations, I never truly improved. I worked out with a trainer 6 days a week for a year. I ate clean. I tried any medication my doctor suggested to the point that I was taking 4 medications plus 4 injections daily. Medication seemed to somewhat control my blood glucose, but my efforts weren’t making the change I had hoped for. My health wasn’t improving, and my family was affected by every new lifestyle change and the growing financial burden.

I became discouraged and impatient at the lack of improvement and allowed my health to get away from me until, one day, I found myself in front of my doctor having the most painful conversation of my life. He hinted that if something didn’t change I would not be able to see my daughter grow up, wed or take on a career. Even now, it hurts to remember those words.

Soon after, my supportive and encouraging husband found Virta. He read a tweet about the program. A lifetime solution with no medicine, no procedures and 24/7 support seemed too good to be true, but my husband’s encouragement and persistence eventually convinced me to give it a try.

On day one with Virta I stopped mealtime insulin and reduced bedtime insulin by almost half. It was amazing! Those first days I would reach for my insulin pen out of habit before a meal. Even as my sugar levels stabilized, I kept my insulin pen on the counter as a motivator, a reminder that even when the diet was difficult that I didn’t want to go backwards.

Now eight months in, I am still learning and not every day is easy, but I can now see myself doing this forever.  My A1c is down to 5.5 from 6.9, my blood pressure is normal, I’m down almost 53 lbs, I have almost no tingling in my legs, I’m sleeping better, and my pain has really improved. I'm completely off insulin and other blood glucose lowering medications.

Little victories like sitting on the floor with folded legs, bending down to my shoelaces, and climbing two flights of stairs without knee pain encourage me to keep going.

I’m finally achieving what I’ve always been working toward because of Virta, so I tell anyone willing to listen about the program. I tell them about how I love eating cream and cheese and about how I could never have made this progress on my own without my amazing coach and the 24/7 support. I love to share how it's changed my entire family. Replacing our old diet and planning our meals has been a difficult transition that changed all our lives for the better.

I’m certain I never would have found a way to get here without Virta. I’m slowly inching toward my goal, and I truly believe I’ll get there. I feel like now I might have the chance to see my daughter grow up!

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