Robin joined Virta to take back control of her health and lowered her A1c by almost 4 points

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October 29, 2021
January 25, 2024

By Robin, on Virta for 8 months

Even though I have had type 2 diabetes for many years, my first insulin shot was still a very depressing moment. It was hard to accept that I had reached this point. I also knew I needed to lose weight, but I couldn’t get the weight off no matter what I did. I was having trouble exercising because my hip was hurting too much. When I finally saw an orthopedic surgeon about the pain, he told me that not only did I weigh too much, but my diabetes was too uncontrolled for surgery. I was mortified and really down in the dumps. I felt like I had no options and it sent me into sort of a tailspin. My mom also had type 2 diabetes, and she had suffered from multiple strokes in the past. I started to think, I’m going to get to the same point as my mom.

Around this time in February 2021, an email miraculously popped up in my inbox about reversing type 2 diabetes. My employer, Amedisys, sent an email out about Virta to let all team members know that Virta’s type 2 diabetes treatment was now covered for free. I felt like it was a sign to get out of my funk and finally get started on the right path. I was at such a low point in my life at the time that I was ready to go full steam ahead. 

Back before I started Virta, I was at an A1c of 9.8%. Not only was I taking 56 units of insulin a day, but I was also on 3 different oral medications to control my blood sugar. Starting on Virta meant that I had a health coach available to answer all of my questions. I would initially ask her questions like, is this okay to eat? If I’m having an issue, I know I can bring it up with her and work on a solution. 

It was definitely tough to transition to a new way of eating. I’m from the South and have grown up on rice, potatoes, and biscuits. My health coach made it easy for me to test out Virta-friendly meals that I could make on my own. The chaffles (cheese waffles) recipe was one of my favorites. People always ask me, “Can you really eat eggs and sausage for breakfast on Virta?” I tell them, yes you can!

After being on Virta for 8 months and following my personal plan with my health coach, my A1c is now at 6.0%. I haven’t seen numbers like that in almost 20 years! I’ve also lost about 44 pounds, am only taking 1 oral medication, and am off insulin completely. In addition to all of that, the arthritis in my hip has gotten better. The results are incredible.

Robin before (left) and after losing 44 pounds on Virta (right).
After being on Virta for 8 months and following my personal plan with my health coach, my A1c is now at 6.0%. I haven’t seen numbers like that in almost 20 years!

Now, I am even more committed to Virta because of all that I have achieved. I’ve tried so many other programs in the past, like Weight Watchers, and have never seen a lot of progress. I just don’t think those programs are made for people like me who have type 2 diabetes. Now that my blood sugar is getting better and better, I’m hoping to lose more weight. When I last saw my primary care doctor, they completely flipped out when they saw my numbers. They told me to keep doing what I’m doing, and I will!

I’m so grateful to Amedisys for giving me this opportunity with Virta. I honestly don’t know if I would have enrolled if there had been an out-of-pocket fee, so I appreciate that it’s free for all employees who qualify. I’m excited to see how much more I will accomplish with Virta!

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