Virta helps full-time boat captain Adam from Canal Barge Company lose the weight and stay motivated

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April 1, 2021
April 26, 2024

By Adam, on Virta for 7 months

I’ve been trying to get on track with my health for a few years now. Between being a dad and a full-time boat captain with Canal Barge Company, it’s been tough finding a plan that works. My lifestyle is unique because when I’m working, I live on the boat for 28 days at a time. It’s hard to find the motivation to stick to a weight loss plan. I needed the right structure and guidance to make my health goals work with my unusual schedule.

Back in July of 2020, I heard about the Virta treatment from 2 of my co-workers who told me Virta had helped them kick-start their journey to better health and weight loss. I also received emails and mailers directly from Canal Barge Company that told me it was a free benefit and helped me learn more about how Virta works. I found the videos to be especially helpful because they broke down the process so easily. Eventually after seeing a few of these reminders, I finally decided to learn more and apply. I figured since I was hearing so much about Virta, my co-workers were trying it out, and Canal Barge was offering it to us for free, it was worth giving it a shot!

I start my day around 10:00am and drive the boat in 6 hour shifts. I don’t have too much extra time on my hands since I’m driving every other shift. I’m also from the Gulf Coast, so carbs are a staple of my Southern diet. Breads, pastas, and rice are big parts of the food culture. I wondered if Virta would work for me since I would be making some adjustments to my diet.

Luckily, Virta made it easy for me to prepare quick and tasty meals with the ingredients and food I have available on the boat. My Virta health coach was a big help when I transitioned to Virta-friendly meals. Since I’m teaching my body to burn fat for energy, the butter I’m adding to my meals is being put to good use. My go-to meal is usually eggs, sausage, and bacon with sautéed veggies. I like that I won’t run out of meal ideas because there are so many Virta-friendly options. I also know I can always shoot my health coach a message if I need guidance when I’m looking to try different foods.

Adam lost 40 pounds after 7 months on Virta

Now after 7 months on Virta, I’ve seen great results! I’ve lost 40 pounds and 12 inches around my waist. My wife had been focusing on getting down to her pre-pregnancy weight, so I’m glad I joined her in getting down to my pre-pregnancy weight too! I’m within 20 pounds of how much I weighed when we first met, so she’s feeling happy about that. On the other hand, my daughter is grumpy about not being able to lay her head on my once-pillowy belly. I’m feeling great about my health and the progress I’ve made, especially with my schedule as a boat captain.

I like that Virta gives me the support and accountability I need to stay motivated, but still gives me enough flexibility for my shift schedule on the boat. Living on a boat and driving it in 6 hour shifts makes it difficult to dedicate time to staying on top of my health. Virta’s treatment helped me lose the weight while eating quick and delicious low carb meals. And this was without having to count calories or be hungry! Also, I appreciate that my Virta health coach has answered any and all questions about the treatment throughout my weight loss journey. I owe it all to Canal Barge for offering Virta to me and my co-workers!

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