Vacation mode activated: How Mauricio has stuck with Virta

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September 15, 2022
April 26, 2024

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By Mauricio, on Virta for 5 months

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I was only 20 years old.  Being so young, I didn’t think about the long-term consequences. I didn’t change my lifestyle and continued to eat anything I wanted. As I got older, I developed  health problems like vision loss and difficulty walking. Fast forward to today, when U-Haul announced a new partnership with Virta. I received an email and started reading more about Virta. I’ve tried different things in the past so I thought, ‘“Why not?” 

Mauricio before (left) and after (right) 5 months on Virta

As an auto mechanic for U-haul, I work long hours and often have little time to prepare my food, but I’ve made Virta work for me. Foods like chicharones and nuts hold me over during a snack break, while sunny-side eggs with vegetables are my go-to breakfast. It’s been so easy to make my meals and life Virta-friendly. It’s been 3 months and so far, I’ve lost 50 pounds and lowered my injectable insulin usage dose from 91 units to 13 units a day. Beyond that, it’s become easier for me to be on my feet all day at work, which is a great improvement. I know this is only the start of life-changing results, but these changes have motivated me to stay committed. 

I recently visited Puerto Vallarta with my son and was still able to enjoy the trip while sticking to my Virta plan. I swapped tortillas with lettuce wraps and enjoyed all the meats and cheeses available. I did so much during this vacation and more importantly, enjoyed this trip with my son. I could never have done this before Virta.

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