After 20 years with type 2 diabetes, Virta helped Annette lower her blood sugar to healthy levels.

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July 5, 2022
January 25, 2024

By Annette, 77 years old. On Virta for 4 months.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve tried almost everything to get my type 2 diabetes under control. Diabetes runs in my family, and I’ve seen family members pass away and lose limbs due to complications from the disease. I wanted to make sure that my diabetes never progressed to that level. I worked with a dietitian, tried different types of diets, joined Weight Watchers, and even hired a personal trainer. Not only was I unable to lose weight or lower my blood sugar levels, but I ended up being put on even more medications. I was beyond frustrated with my lack of progress. 

I’m a member of HMSA’s Federal Plan 87, and I first learned about Virta through a flyer they sent me. I was initially worried about starting to eat a low-carb diet. Not only that, but I was worried about how to eat low-carb foods when spending time with my family over meals. I’ve lived on Oahu in Hawaii my whole life, and foods like rice, potatoes, and noodles are a big part of our culture. Luckily, I got so much support from my Virta health coach on what to get at the grocery store so I could start preparing meals for me and my family. 

After only 4 months on Virta, I’ve lost 15 pounds and my A1c went from 6.7% to 6.0%. I’m no longer on Trulicity injections and my dosage of metformin has come down. My blood pressure has improved so much that I went from taking 5 medications to only 1 for my hypertension. I’m absolutely amazed! I’ve gotten these results in only a few months when I’ve been trying to do the same thing for 20 years on my own. I also recently shared my results with my primary care physician, and he’s excited about my progress.

After only 4 months, Annette lost 15 pounds and lowered her A1c by 0.7%.

I still enjoy cooking for my big, wonderful family during special occasions. We eat, talk story, and have fun—but the food I’m cooking for them is Virta-friendly now. My family is very supportive because they know how frustrated I was before I started Virta, and they want me to get healthy. If I’m ever missing some of my favorite Chinese or Hawaiian foods, like egg noodles or poi, my health coach helps me figure out how I can incorporate a bit into my diet or how I can make something similar on my own. Some of my favorite snacks right now are blueberries with cream cheese, chaffles (cheese waffles), dark chocolate, and macadamia nuts. I’m also currently experimenting with different recipes, and I made a strawberry jam with monk fruit. 

I want other people in my community who are frustrated with their diabetes to know about Virta. I learned how to use food as medicine to take care of my body and get healthier so I wouldn’t have to suffer from complications in the future. I’ve also never had as much support with my diabetes as I do now. Virta is the answer!

* Individual results may vary for patients enrolled in Virta.

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