Goodbye to my Prediabetes, Aches and Lack of Energy with Virta

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May 8, 2018
January 25, 2024

By Tiffinnie, a Virta patient

I have had amazing results on Virta. I have had a big reduction in my A1c and am no longer pre-diabetic. My thyroid medication has been reduced as well, which hasn't happened in the whole time I've been taking it. And the icing on the cake is that I lost 55 pounds in 3.5 months. Those are better results than I could have ever wished for.

Tiffinnie's progress through the Virta Treatment

Before Virta, Nothing Worked

When I was diagnosed with prediabetes, I was ready to do whatever needed to be done to change. I did everything my doctor asked of me, but I wasn’t losing weight or feeling better! I was tired all of the time.

I was taking several medications a day, along with vitamins. I have been on thyroid medication for almost 30 years, every 6 months the dosage would go up and up. When I asked why it was getting worse, the doctors always said it was my diet or lack of exercise, and that I should try harder to lose weight—but I was following the advice they gave me!

I had the gastric sleeve procedure in May of 2015. I lost weight, just as they said I would—but not enough. 67 pounds later, I was still overweight, and I continued to struggle to lose weight.

I then added nine new pills to my diet: biotin because my hair was falling out by the handfuls, B12 because I had no energy, D3 because I wasn't getting enough calcium or sunlight, an acid reflux pill because nothing seem to agree with my stomach....the list goes on and on.

Someone on the medical team at work told me about Virta. I started researching, and within 20 minutes I had filled out the application.

On Virta, My Coach Believes in Me

What motivated me was the accountability, the 24/7 coach and the fact that everyone I spoke to was positive and really voiced that they wanted me to succeed just as badly as I wanted to.

I can walk without my knees hurting or feeling like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. The body aches I had are gone and I now walk with my head held high. I have more energy and motivation.

I can tie my shoes without sitting in a chair and grabbing my ankle to pull my foot up to tie it. I can touch my toes—heck, I can see my toes when I look down at the floor! I can go for walks and enjoy the outdoors, and I can go up and down the stairs without stopping in the middle to catch my breath.

My coach is incredible, and the app is informative and very easy to use. I love looking at the recipes and finding new ways to cook things that I love. My new addiction is roasted cauliflower. The patient community is helpful and someone is always ready to say a kind word when you need one.

I didn't really enjoy life before Virta because I wasn't really happy with myself. It’s funny what feeling better and getting some encouragement and support will do for a person.

What I Would Say To Those Looking to Regain Their Health

Always remember that someone is always out there when you need to vent, scream, cry or giggle. This journey has taught me that reaching out for help isn't a bad thing or doesn't make you a failure. It makes you strong! Accountability is something that has helped in my success, don't be afraid to say that you ate something you shouldn’t have or messed up. We are all human.

I tell everyone I know about Virta and will continue to do so. Virta gave me my life back.

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