Reducing my blood sugar with Virta

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August 29, 2018
April 26, 2024

By Erik, a Virta patient

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015, I remember that I was disappointed in myself because I hadn’t listened to my doctor’s advice. So I started walking 4 or 5 times a week and went to diabetes education classes. I learned to read food labels and cut out sugary sodas and drinks. I started on a low carb diet, but it didn’t really help me as much as the others in my class. Still, I did lose weight by doing low carb and exercising and I was eventually able to get my old Navy uniform back on.

I joined the Virta treatment in April of this year after hearing about it in an email from my employer, US Foods, who covers the cost for eligible employees and dependents. Since starting, I’ve lost 30 pounds. My blood sugar has been under 100 every morning lately, and I am so excited to see my next A1c and lipid panel!

Erik, before Virta and after 4 months on Virta

When I was diagnosed with type 2, I was 330 pounds. My friends, family and coworkers are amazed at my transformation on Virta. People are obviously seeing the change because they comment and compliment how much better I look and how much more energetic I am.

My Virta health coach has been very helpful in keeping me on track. The community feature on the app is a great way to connect with others on Virta. The starter kit makes it so easy to track my biomarkers every day, and making the decision to eat healthier has challenged me to be more creative in cooking so food doesn't become boring. For me, Virta is so worth it. It can help you change your life.

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