Detention Officer Becky decided it was time to reverse her type 2 diabetes for good.

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July 6, 2022
January 25, 2024

By Becky, On Virta 8 months.

I’ve been a Detention Officer for Maricopa County for nine years and absolutely love what I do. But as a Detention Officer, I spend the majority of my day on my feet. Before Virta, by the end of a shift I would be exhausted. And because I would be too tired to do any other type of exercise, my weight got out of control. I thought I was taking care of myself with my diet, but I couldn’t seem to get a handle on my weight gain.

What really scared me was that it wasn’t only my weight that was creeping up—so was my average blood sugar (A1c) which got to 14% before my doctor prescribed Trulicity. The medication helped bring my A1c down to 7%, but I was still within the type 2 diabetes levels. My blood pressure was also high and needed medication.

I first heard about Virta through the County. I was amazed that it was being offered with no out-of-pocket costs. I’ve always been very impressed with Maricopa County’s benefits, but this was amazing. I gathered more information about the Virta treatment (and its claim to reverse type 2 diabetes) and shared it with my endocrinologist. She reviewed the outcomes and the science behind the treatment and got excited to see it in practice.

I decided that if Virta was good enough for my doctor to endorse and for my employer to provide at no cost, giving it a try was a no-brainer!
Becky lost 70 pounds on Virta and reduced her A1c below the prediabetic threshold.

In 8 months on Virta, I have lost around 70 pounds. My doctor has taken me off of my blood pressure medication, and because I have reduced my A1c on Virta down to 5.2%, I am hopeful that when I see her again in a month, she will reduce or eliminate my Trulicity as well. I love the idea of not needing medications anymore.

The Virta treatment itself was a bit of an adjustment for me at first. I love to bake and had to stay away from it in those first few weeks. The temptation to go back to the foods that had been hurting me was too high. But after seeing—and feeling—the results, I can honestly say that the temptation is gone. I now bake some of my favorite traditional recipes for others, and bake Virta-friendly versions for myself. I don’t even really think about it anymore.

Since starting Virta, I have also been promoted to Detention Officer Sergeant and switched to second shift (1p - 11p). Before Virta, I don’t know if I could physically sustain the late hours. But now, I feel great before, during, and even after my shift. I even have enough energy to add more walking and exercise into my day before work.

I am so grateful to the County for offering Virta. The support of my Virta health coach, as well as my family and friends, has given me the power to do this.

I am so proud of what I have already accomplished and even more proud of what I know I will accomplish with Virta.

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