How Medical Supervision Helped me Reverse my Diabetes Through Nutrition

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August 22, 2018
April 26, 2024

By Eileen, a Virta patient

I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1980. At the time, I was very upset because my mother had died of complications from diabetes in her early 50s. At first, I went through denial and then anger. Though angry about it (because I couldn’t eat what I wanted), I was able to control my condition through diet. But as I grew older, it became more difficult to keep my weight under control, and it ballooned.

I eventually needed to take Metformin, which I hated because it upset my stomach. Then I developed hypertension. When one medication didn’t bring my blood pressure to normal, I began taking a second pill. I never felt these medications were improving my health. And it was inconvenient and expensive to take them.

I was a criminal prosecutor with the federal government before I retired. For a time, my office was in Washington, DC but I handled cases nationwide. It was a stressful job with lots of travel, and my diabetes was getting more and more out of control during that period of my life.

Before Virta, I tried everything: I joined the gym. I took classes on nutrition and tried lots of different diets. I consulted a therapist to learn if I was overeating for emotional reasons. I joined a major national weight loss program. Nothing worked for long, and I was unhappy. I couldn’t seem to make the changes which could turn things around.

I found Virta while I was searching for yet another diet and came across Dr. Sarah Hallberg’s TED Talk. I joined Virta in December 2017. The best feeling is that my blood glucose level went down after I completely stopped Metformin. Since I eliminated Meformin, my A1c has gone down to normal and I’ve been free of upset stomachs. My blood pressure is also normal - using 50% of my previous dose.  I have lost 56 pounds in 8 months!

Eileen, before and after Virta

On a day-to-day basis, my life has changed a bit: I take fewer medications and measure my blood glucose, ketones, and blood pressure regularly. I cook more of my food instead of eating at restaurants. I spend more time shopping for healthy foods, and I enjoy trying new recipes. I really enjoy eating the foods I can have on Virta. The most significant change for me has been a sustained period of healthy eating instead of yo-yo dieting.  My moods and energy levels have smoothed out instead of having extreme peaks and valleys. I also have increased energy and getting better sleep. As a result, I can now keep up with my two grandchildren, who are both under 3!

I believe that the most valuable part of the Virta Treatment is the medical supervision. When you have a chronic disease, it can be dangerous to make changes without oversight. It's reassuring. I love my coach. She is positive, very smart and well-informed. I love the fact that I am following an evidence-based program; I’m not wasting my effort on something that does not work.

If you are ready to commit to taking steps to improve your health and reverse your prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, I wholeheartedly recommend Virta. My life is so much improved on Virta that I would never consider returning to my former way of life. I have never regretted joining Virta.

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