Losing weight and playing stickball again on Virta

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August 16, 2018
April 26, 2024

By Jack L, a Virta patient

When I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure six years ago, I was concerned about the long-term effects of the disease. I slowed down a lot because I felt that I needed to be more careful. I tried to eat a little better and I started taking metformin, which lowered my blood sugar. I tried to lower my carb intake, but I wasn’t able to stick with it and I wasn’t seeing much results.

I first heard about Virta from the Chickasaw Nation. My wife is an employee there, so they cover the treatment for employees and eligible family members. Since starting the program in March 2018, my A1c has gone down and I’ve lost 80 lbs. Though I still take meds, I feel much better overall. I have less joint pain. I have more energy and focus, and I sleep better.

I love stickball, but I had stopped playing in the early 2000’s because I didn’t feel like I could do it anymore. This year I finally got to play stickball again. Our team went to Mississippi to play in the World Series of Stickball. My wife and I both started training to run in a 5k. I have much more energy now. I’m exercising again and I’m much more active.

Jack, before Virta and after 4 months on Virta

My family and friends have been amazed at my progress. I get a lot comments like “I can’t believe how much weight you lost.”The Virta app is very useful, and the coaches are helpful and understanding. Since joining Virta, it's like night and day. I feel so much better.

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