Getting Off of My Expensive Diabetes Medications

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August 7, 2018
April 26, 2024

By Glenne, a Virta patient

Four years ago, I learned that I had type 2 diabetes. The diagnosis was very depressing, and all I could think about was getting worse and worrying about someday having to take insulin. I just didn’t want to struggle with it like I have seen others.

So I tried counting calories and "watching" what I ate, but I never could get any significant results. My HbA1c results were still high, and I never had the energy to exercise. I always felt guilty that I wasn't out doing more meaningful things. What’s more, my diabetes medications were pricey, and they caused me to feel tired and drained all the time.

Glenne, before Virta and now

I joined the Virta Treatment in June after I received an email at work. (My employer Lifetouch covers the cost for eligible employees.) In less than two months, I’ve gone from an average fasting glucose of 187 down to an average of 96 and I’ve lost 18 lbs. I’m off all of my diabetic medication, and it feels great!

I now have the energy to go out and do more things. I'm having a lot more fun and enjoying life. I am spending less time on the couch in front of the TV and more time doing the things that I enjoy. I have more mental clarity, and I am sleeping much better. I am able to do more work outside and around the house.

Now that I have been on Virta for awhile I have noticed all the benefits it had promised. And having a coach that you can reach out to with advice and questions has been great, but it's also helpful knowing that someone is there to provide some support and help keep you on track. I have more energy, mental clarity, better sleep and a feeling of accomplishment because of all the positive results. It is more than that though. I can truly say that I am happier and I can't wait to see all the future benefits that await me.

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