Virta Health Adds Prediabetes Reversal, Obesity Treatment, and Provider-Led Diabetes Management to Clinical Services

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October 7, 2020
April 26, 2024

Expansion gives payers a single, evidence-based virtual provider that provides disease reversal across the continuum of chronic metabolic conditions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Virta Health, the leader in type 2 diabetes reversal, today introduced new services including prediabetes reversal, obesity treatment, and provider-led management for type 2 diabetes. The expansion provides payers and covered beneficiaries a single, full-service virtual clinic that offers industry-leading outcomes for the most critical needs in metabolic health.

Virta's results in type 2 diabetes reversal have fueled continued triple-digit year-over-year growth for the company, while creating strong demand to bring Virta's evidence-based approach to other metabolic conditions. In Virta’s peer-reviewed research on type 2 diabetes reversal, 60% of people at one year reverse type 2 diabetes, and 94% reduce insulin use or eliminate it altogether.

Additionally, patients completing one year of the Virta Treatment experience 12% weight loss. This figure exceeds the goal of the National Diabetes Prevention Program and the FDA benchmark for weight loss drugs by nearly 150%.

“This expansion provides our commercial partners and patients with the transformational outcomes they’ve come to expect from Virta, but don’t receive from other solutions on the market,” said Sami Inkinen, CEO & co-founder of Virta Health. “We can now meet every patient wherever they are on their metabolic health journey, while uniquely offering a path to reversing their chronic disease.”

Nearly half of adults in the United States suffer from obesity, prediabetes, or type 2 diabetes. Thirty people die per hour of diabetes-related causes. The economic burden continues to grow, and people with diabetes incur nearly $17,000 in medical expenses per year. They are also at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19, and the risk of dying from the disease is twice as high compared to those without diabetes.

Virta’s fully-virtual, high-touch model demonstrates hope for change, and stands in stark contrast to approaches that only slow the diabetes downward spiral, as opposed to reversing it. Virta provides individualized guidance from medical providers and behavioral specialists, whenever and wherever it is needed. Patients interact with their dedicated clinical team often multiple times per day. This novel telehealth approach—called Continuous Remote Care—ensures successful adoption of Virta’s individualized medical nutrition therapies and long-lasting results.

“Virta consistently delivers industry-leading health and economic outcomes, and its virtual care model fits perfectly with the needs of our associates,” said Joe Toniolo, Senior Director, Health & Welfare Plans at US Foods. "For these reasons, we have already adopted type 2 diabetes and prediabetes reversal, and are excited to explore further services where we can offer Virta's life-changing results."

Obesity and prediabetes patients will benefit from the same treatment that delivers the sustained type 2 diabetes reversal outcomes in Virta’s clinical trial and commercially-covered population. Patients receiving type 2 diabetes management will receive support from a provider-led care team, with personalized guidance and an option for a seamless transition to Virta’s reversal treatment. All patients will receive individualized care via Virta’s provider-led Continuous Remote Care platform.

Virta is already engaging with new and existing customers to begin enrolling patients in the expanded services. To learn more, contact, or visit

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