Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Leader Virta Health Appoints Shane Henderson as Chief Technology Officer

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May 10, 2022
April 26, 2024

A 30+ year industry veteran from Signify Health and Match.com, Shane joins to scale Virta’s technology platform amid triple-digit year-over-year growth

Today, diabetes reversal leader Virta Health announced the addition of Shane Henderson as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With over three decades of experience at companies like Signify Health and Match.com, Shane joins to scale Virta’s technology through continued triple-digit growth and surging demand for its innovative approach to treating metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and obesity.

Shane’s appointment coincides with a sea change in the expectations for outcomes in metabolic care. Advanced telemedicine solutions like Virta’s Continuous Remote Care platform make long-lasting lifestyle changes—in addition to disease reversal and remission—a reality. 

“Virta’s technology gives our physicians and health coaches superpowers that make diabetes reversal possible,” said Sami Inkinen, Co-Founder and CEO of Virta Health. “Shane’s leadership will be crucial to deliver transformative outcomes for the 60%+ of Americans with a metabolic disease.”

Virta’s Continuous Remote Care platform—where clinicians and health coaches provide near real-time care to patients—acts on millions of data points per month to enable high degrees of personalization and proactive support for long-term adoption of Virta’s nutrition therapy. Further, this technology is essential for safe, provider-led de-prescription of medications as patients move towards reversal.

In his new role, Shane will oversee further advancement of Virta's Continuous Remote Care platform, and lead Virta’s Engineering, Applied Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and Insights and Analytics teams. 

Before Virta, Shane led the technology teams as CTO at Signify Health (NYSE: SGFY), a leading healthcare platform leveraging advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide provider networks to create and power value-based payment programs. Shane also served as SVP of technology at Match.com (NASDAQ: MTCH), where he helped scale the company internationally into a billion-dollar business, founded the Match Mobile Technology Team, and created the Match.com app. 

Virta’s technology team has doubled over the past 12 months alone and is actively hiring. To learn more and apply for open positions, visit www.virtahealth.com/careers

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