Diabetes Reversal Leader Virta Health Receives Recognition for Delivering Best-In-Class Cost Savings and Health Outcomes

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August 3, 2022
April 26, 2024

Validation Institute’s newest type of validation—backed by a financial guarantee—is the most comprehensive yet 

Virta Health, the leader in type 2 diabetes reversal, is the first digital health solution to receive Validation Institute’s newly-developed Program Validation. With this validation, Virta is recognized for the rigorous, evidence-based research underlying its diabetes reversal treatment, as well as its best-in-class financial and health outcomes for employer customers.

Until now, Validation Institute has focused on affirming specific financial and health improvement claims. In response to demand for more comprehensive analyses, the company added the Program Validation to assess healthcare solutions’ programs as a whole. The Program Validation also carries a $50K guarantee that Virta delivers on health and financial outcomes outlined in previous validations.

“We are thrilled to shine a bright light on Virta Health for their continued commitment to transparency in the marketplace,” said Benny DiCecca, CEO, Validation Institute. 

To qualify, digital health companies must prove clinical rigor using one of five gold standard evaluation methodologies, including the parallel assignment method used by Virta. Further, companies must first achieve both savings and outcomes validations. 

Additional validations showcase Virta’s impact on these measures. Virta patients achieve reductions in weight, blood sugar, and need for medications. This leads to significant cost savings, amounting to nearly $6k per patient in drug cost reductions alone over a two-year period.

“I've earned a well-deserved reputation for exposing vendors’ lies and misdirection, which unfortunately are all-too-common in digital health,” said Al Lewis, Validation Institute board member. “With Virta, we finally have a diabetes solution built on bedrock scientific rigor.”

Earlier this year, Virta was also awarded Validation Institute’s Health Value Award in the diabetes category, recognizing solution providers that have shown significant cost savings and/or improvements in health outcomes. 

On August 31, Virta is hosting a webinar on the importance of validation in digital health and how employers and health plans can use the Program Validation as a gold standard to evaluate vendors. See more details and register to attend at: https://about.virtahealth.com/validation-webinar

About Virta Health

Virta Health helps people reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions. Current approaches manage disease progression through increased medication use and infrequent doctor visits. Virta reverses type 2 diabetes through innovations in technology, nutrition science, and continuous remote care from physicians and behavioral experts. In clinical studies, 94% of patients reduce or eliminate insulin use, and weight-loss exceeds FDA benchmarks by nearly 150%. Virta works with the largest health plans, employers, and government organizations and puts 100% of its fees at risk based on clinical and financial outcomes. To learn more about how Virta is transforming lives by reversing type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases, visit www.virtahealth.com or follow us on Twitter @virtahealth.

About Validation Institute

Validation Institute is a membership organization made up of a network of healthcare vendors, health benefits advisors, and purchaser benefit managers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare.  https://validationinstitute.com/

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