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From Management to Reversal

In as little as three months, most patients reduce or eliminate their diabetes medications, lose weight, and experience dramatic improvements in HbA1c and triglyceride levels. Our landmark clinical trial tells the story.

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  • 87%
    of patients reduced
    or eliminated insulin
  • 56%
    of patients reduced their HbA1c below Diabetic level
  • 12%
    avg weight loss at
    6 months
1. McKenzie AL, Hallberg SJ, Creighton BC, Volk BM, Link TM, Abner MK, Glon RM, McCarter JP, Volek JS, Phinney SD. A Novel Intervention Including Individualized Nutritional Recommendations Reduces Hemoglobin A1c Level, Medication Use, and Weight in Type 2 Diabetes. JMIR Diabetes. 2017;2(1):e5
2. Preliminary 6 month trial data

How We Partner

Extending Your Practice

An evidence-based alternative

Virta delivers clinically proven results based on decades of research on insulin resistance and metabolic health.

Safe and expert care

Leveraging our continuous, on-demand care model to maintain close patient contact, our team of physicians and coaches ensure diabetes reversal is safe and sustainable.

A consulting specialist

Virta extends your practice, handling the patient education, motivation, and monitoring required for diabetes reversal.

Value-based payment

Our new treatment approach aligns with physicians practicing in a value-based payment model.

In addition to lowered HbA1c, fewer medications, and sustained weight loss, Virta patients report more energy, better sleep, and less stress.

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Here's Why

Physicians are Referring Patients to Virta

"I'm always looking for those patients who can benefit from being in the Virta program. I've never seen anything as significant as this."

Dr. Mark Savant

Internal Medicine, Private Practice

"Referring patients to Virta improves the practice because it gives me a very very effective tool for patients to improve their health."

Dr. Rachel Meek

Preventive Medicine Physician

Dr. Mark Savant
Internal Medicine, Private Practice
Dr. Rachel Meek
Preventive Medicine Physician

Here's Why

Patients Love Virta

Went from 4 diabetes medications down to 1 with Virta
Off of all insulin and reduced eye pressure by 50% with Virta
Reversed diabetes and lost 100 lbs on Virta
Reversed her type 2 diabetes and is off her insulin
Off all blood pressure and diabetes medications with Virta
Dropped her HbA1c from 10.5 to 5.5 with Virta
Off all medications within 1 month of starting Virta
Restored her vision, lost over 40 lbs on Virta
Off 4 diabetes and blood pressure medications

Results may vary; no guarantee of results.

Meet Our Team

Our team of expert physicians, health coaches, and researchers come from world class institutions and our founders literally wrote the book on diabetes reversal.

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Learn more about the science and clinical practice of reversing diabetes, and if you’re ready, how to refer patients to Virta.