David Hatch

VP, User Experience Design

David Hatch is Head of User Experience Design at Virta, leading a team that is responsible for designing the interfaces and communication that make disease reversal at scale possible.

During his 20+ years of user-centered design work and team leadership, David has helmed teams of individuals from all areas of design, including product UI, identity branding, marketing design, user experience engineering, video and user research. His experience spans startups to large-scale internet sites serving millions of users per day.

Prior to Virta, David served as Vice President of User Experience Design at Trulia and was responsible for the end-to-end user experience of the entire suite of Trulia’s products and services. Earlier, David served as Chief Information Architect and head of the User Experience team at Adobe, where he oversaw the design and user experience for Adobe.com.

A native midwesterner, David still identifies with his agrarian roots in his home state of Wisconsin. He’s brought some of this background to his Marin, California home, where, among David and his family, you’ll find rabbits, chickens, and his two dogs.

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