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At 1 year, most patients see sustained improvements in blood sugar control, medication reduction and elimination, clinically significant weight loss, improved triglycerides, and lowered inflammation.

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  • 94%
    of insulin users reduced
    or eliminated usage 
  • 1.3%
    average reduction
    in HbA1c 
  • 12%
    average weight loss
    (30 lbs) 
Hallberg SJ, McKenzie AL, Williams P, et al. Effectiveness and Safety of a Novel Care Model for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes at One Year: An Open Label, Non-Randomized, Controlled Study. Diabetes Ther. 2018. DOI: 10.1007/s13300-018-0373-9

What is Virta?

What does the Virta Treatment include?

Physician Supervision

A metabolic health specialist provides continuous medical supervision, check-ups, and safe medication reductions.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Our team personalizes and continuously adapts your Virta Treatment plan to restore your metabolic health

Tools for Biomarker Feedback

Measuring blood glucose, ketones, weight, and more helps us personalize the Virta Treatment to your individual biochemistry.

Personal Health Coach

A nutrition and behavior expert answers your questions, helps you form habits, and keeps you accountable.

On-demand Resources

Learn the basics from a structured online curriculum, and access a library of guides and food options for any dietary preference.

Private Virta Community

Connect with other Virta patients to find support and share tips in a positive, moderated environment.

Schedule a free consultation with a Virta specialist to learn how our personalized treatment plan can help you reverse your diabetes safely and sustainably.

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Patients Love Virta

Improved sleep, reduced stress, improved energy. Patients report benefits beyond lower HbA1c, reduced medications and weight loss. Hear what they have to say.

Went from 4 diabetes medications down to 1 with Virta
Off of all insulin and reduced eye pressure by 50% with Virta
Reversed diabetes and lost 100 lbs on Virta
Reversed her type 2 diabetes and is off her insulin
Off all blood pressure and diabetes medications with Virta
Dropped her HbA1c from 10.5 to 5.5 with Virta
Off all medications within 1 month of starting Virta
Restored her vision, lost over 40 lbs on Virta
Off 4 diabetes and blood pressure medications

*Results may vary; no guarantee of results.

Here's Why

Physicians Refer Patients to Virta

Referring physicians trust our expertise in helping their patients reverse diabetes. Hear it in their own words.

Dr. Mark Savant
Internal Medicine, Private Practice
Dr. Rachel Meek
Preventive Medicine Physician

Patient Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who could benefit from Virta?

    Virta is designed to improve metabolic health by treating insulin resistance, and can reverse metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

  • Do I need a referral from my doctor to start Virta?

    No referral is required for Virta—just go to virtahealth.com/apply to start the application process.

  • How does the application process work?

    The application process has 2 phases:

    Initial Application
    • Fill out application forms at virtahealth.com/apply
    • Have a phone consult with a Clinical intake specialist
    • Fill out a short health history, sign consents & releases
    • Have a video consult with your Virta Physician
    • Complete your medical clearance (EKG & lab work)
    • After you complete all steps of the application process and are accepted onto Virta, you can then pay your invoice, which gives you access to the app, your coach, your starter kit, and your path to better health!
  • What does it mean to “reverse” type 2 diabetes?

    Virta reverses type 2 diabetes by simultaneously bringing blood glucose (and A1c) into a non-diabetic range (below 6.5) and eliminating diabetic medications, such as insulin.

  • How does the personalized nutritional intervention work?

    The Virta Treatment uses an individualized approach to nutritional ketosis—a metabolic state in which your body is primarily burning ketones, which are made from fat—instead of burning sugar, which is made from carbs. We do this by focusing on whole, real, and satisfying foods, with a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate intake. Since everyone is different, we provide personalized recommendations by regularly testing certain biomarkers (blood glucose and ketones) to determine if you are consuming an appropriate amount of fat, protein, and carbs for your specific biochemistry. The Virta clinic will monitor your body’s response and making suggestions to help you optimize your food choices in real-time.

  • Are there really no medications included in my treatment?

    Correct. The Virta Treatment aims to reverse type 2 diabetes and get you metabolically healthy while eliminating your diabetes and blood pressure medications.
  • What does my Virta physician do?

    Your Virta physician manages your medical care at the Virta Clinic, and provides:

    Metabolic health specialty services

    Your Virta physician becomes your metabolic health specialist. Note that they our physicians don’t replace your primary care provider, but they will work with them to ensure continuity of care.

    Personalized treatment plan

    Your Virta physician has regular check-ups with you to review your progress and the individualized treatment plan designed to improve your metabolic health.

    Safety & monitoring

    Your Virta physician ensures your safety by continuously monitoring your data and reported symptoms through the app

    Medication management

    Your Virta physician manages your medications, including safely reducing or eliminating any medications you no longer need. It can be dangerous to suddenly stop taking a medication on your own, which is why the Virta physician is there to taper you off and supervise you when your dose changes or is eliminated. If you aren’t on any medications, your Virta physician will actively work to help you prevent the use of certain medications in the future.

  • What does my Virta health coach do?

    Your Virta health coach helps you succeed on a daily basis, and provides:

    Answers to your questions

    If you aren’t sure about a particular food, are looking for a substitute brand or recipe, or are interested in knowing more about the science behind something, your Virta health coach can answer your questions.

    Positive health habit formation

    Knowing what you should do is only half the battle—you might know what you should do, but struggle to do it consistently. That’s why your Virta health coach helps you figure out the best way to create and solidify positive habits, so that in the long term, you can make the right choices effortlessly.

    Support & encouragement

    Your Virta health coach is there to support your progress, celebrate your successes, and encourage you when obstacles arise.

    Feedback & accountability

    On a daily basis, your Virta health coach reviews your data (biomarkers, symptoms, mood, hunger, cravings, and energy), and provides near real-time feedback and troubleshooting. Knowing that someone else is watching your data and checking in with you on a regular basis keeps you accountable, and helps to keep you motivated and sticking to the program.

    Personalized, Goal-based phases

    Everyone has different needs, so your Virta health coach adjusts your path on Virta by selecting treatment phases that reflect your health goals (i.e. complete 7 days with fasting blood glucose under 150 mg/dL).

  • What does the Virta Treatment’s online experience include?

    Each patient has a different journey on Virta, based on their particular needs and preferences. Your Virta care team determines what that journey is, and customizes your virtual experience accordingly. Everything you need to learn, practice, or measure will be presented to you daily through our online platform, which includes the following:

    Educational content

    Step-by-step, interactive video guides to teach the science and concepts behind Virta.


    Individualized goals will help you turn new learnings into long-term, sustainable habits.

    Biomarker tracking

    As a Virta patient, you will log your biomarker data regularly, which will guide your Virta health coach and physician’s continuous remote care plan and ensure your safety and success


    Secure communication with your Health Coach gives you the space to ask, discuss, and troubleshoot the personal questions you need answered in order to be successful

    Practical resources

    Access to practical resources like food lists, recipes, how-to guides, and webinars

  • I know someone else who might benefit from Virta—how can I refer them?

    Direct them to go to virtahealth.com/apply to start the application process.

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