Metabolic Health Masterclass Resources

Virta's Masterclass goes deeper on the most important topics you and your clients should be aware of when it comes to metabolic health, new obesity and weight loss drugs and health equity. Use the on demand replays below to catch up on sessions you missed and scroll down for more helpful resources.
Session 1

The State Of Metabolic Health And The New Frontiers Of Nutrition

Dr. Brittanie Volk, Associate Director of Clinical Research at Virta Health, talks about the factors driving poor metabolic health and how nutritional therapy and lifestyle programs (aka: food as medicine) with novel care delivery models have been proven to reverse these trends.

Session 2

Rethinking Obesity Strategies: What You Need to Know About New Weight Loss Drugs and Lifestyle Programs

Dr. Frank Dumont, Commercial Medical Director at Virta Health, will talk about the rapid rise in popularity of expensive GLP-1 weight loss drugs, alternative lifestyle programs that don’t require a prescription pad, and what employers and health plans need to know as they reconsider obesity strategies.

Session 3

Using Digital Health to Close Health Equity Gaps for Metabolic Disease

Dr. Amy McKenzie, Senior Director of Research and Innovation at Virta Health, shares the results of Virta’s health equity research study and talks about how health disparities are contributing to a higher prevalence and worsening outcomes in diabetes.

Despite the industry’s best efforts, poor metabolic health remains pervasive in the U.S. It’s one the costliest, riskiest threats to population health.

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