Ketogenic Telehealth Service for Diabetes

Information for VA Providers

Thousands of patients have already reversed their diagnosis

The recording above highlights the collaboration between Virta and the Veterans Health Administration on type 2 diabetes reversal and remission. It provides a closer look into Virta’s diabetes reversal treatment, the patient experience, and the results seen by the Veterans enrolled.

Over the course of the hour, the video covers the following topics:

Robert Ratner, Virta advisor

Part 1: The value of pairing nutrition therapy and telehealth for treatment of type 2 diabetes

Robert Ratner, MD, FACP, FACE
Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University
Former Chief Scientific & Medical Officer, American Diabetes Association
Former Chief Medical Officer, Virta Health
Starts at 0:00

Part 2: Evidence for ketogenic nutrition therapy in type 2 diabetes treatment

Amy McKenzie, PhD
Senior Director of Research and Innovation, Virta Health
Starts at 6:26

Part 3: Nutrition recommendations & patient experience

Brittanie Volk, PhD, RD
Associate Director, Clinical Research, Virta Health
Starts at 26:06

Part 4: Role of the medical provider in medication deprescription & patient coordination

Jeff Stanley, MD
Director of Clinical Care and Commercial Medical Director, Virta Health
Starts at 46:02
Tim, Virta patient.

Part 5: Veteran Patient Testimonial

Navy Veteran and Virta patient
Starts at 1:04:21

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