Type 2 diabetes reversal is here—at no cost to you

A fully-covered $249/month benefit1, that can help you:

  • Lower your blood sugar
  • Get off your diabetes medications
  • Lose weight and gain energy
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per month

a $249/month benefit1

Expert care. Unlimited supplies. All for $0/month.

Blood Glucose Meter and Connected Scale
Unlimited Test Strips and Lancets
Medical Supervision and 1:1 Expert Health Coaching

Real World Results. Backed by Research.

In just ten weeks3, our patients see transformational results, and we help make them last.


Medication Elimination
Virta patients eliminating or reducing insulin at 10 weeks


Weight Loss
Average weight loss at 10 weeks


A1c Reduction
Average HbA1c reduction at 10 weeks

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Enroll at no cost to receive a blood glucose meter, unlimited strips and lancets, connected scale, and expert 1:1 coaching with medical supervision.
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Meet some of the thousands of people who have reversed type 2 diabetes

Kevin got off insulin and saved $500/month

“I run around with my kids a lot more than I did six months ago. I feel like I’m 15 years younger. Before Virta, I thought of my diabetes as a life sentence. Now that I know it’s not, I’m going to be part of Virta for the rest of my life.”

Elizabeth reduced her A1c by 4 points

“I cannot thank Virta enough for the peace of mind and sheer joy this program has brought to me. I no longer dread going in for a checkup. I am no longer taking diabetes prescriptions. No insulin shots! There are no highs and lows in blood sugar, no shakes and confusion.”

Kim lost 75 pounds and has kept it off for 3 years

“I’ve found a new side to me that I didn’t realize was buried under all the weight and the bad health. I’ve gone from basically a very sedentary lifestyle, just sitting on the couch and reading, to being active. Before Virta, I didn’t think diabetes was reversible. Virta has given me my life back.”

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Citations and Footnotes
  1. Value of benefit is estimated using the approximate monthly cost of care and the value of the starter kit and unlimited testing supplies.
  2. Eligibility: Virta is a fully-covered benefit by your employer or health plan. It is offered to those with living with type 2 diabetes, and depending on your employer or health plan, may be available to people with prediabetes or BMI over 30. There are some medical conditions that would exclude patients from the Virta treatment. Star the application process to find out if you qualify.
  3. For Virta patients retained at 10 weeks. Source: McKenzie AL, Hallberg SJ, Creighton BC, et al. A Novel Intervention Including Individualized Nutritional Recommendations Reduces Hemoglobin A1c Level, Medication Use, and Weight in Type 2 Diabetes. JMIR Diabetes. 2017; 2(1):e5. For more Virta research, visit www.virtahealth.com/research.