Concordia Pastor Jonathan eliminated 3 diabetes meds, reduced his blood sugar, and lost 65 pounds on Virta

Virta reverses type 2 diabetes.

Patients lose weight, eliminate diabetes medications, and reduce their A1c. Our real-world results, backed by research from our 5-year clinical trial, are proven time and time again among thousands of patients.
Medication Reduction
Diabetes-specific medications eliminated across population at one year
HbA1c Reduction
HbA1c improvement at one year, which occurred simultaneously with prescription elimination
Weight Loss
Average weight loss at one year—more than 2x the threshold 
for what is considered clinically significant
Hallberg SJ, McKenzie AL, Williams P, et al. Effectiveness and Safety of a Novel Care Model for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes at One Year: An Open Label, Non-Randomized, Controlled Study. Diabetes Ther. 2018. DOI: 10.1007/s13300-018-0373-9
Results may vary based on your clinical profile and adherence to the Virta treatment.

The Concordia Health Plan is fully covering the cost of Virta, valued at over $3,000, for all eligible members with type 2 diabetes.

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Patient Spotlight

Jonathan has served as a Lutheran pastor for 16 years.

Before Virta, Jonathan's children were worried that he wasn't going to be around for his grandchildren if his type 2 diabetes kept progressing. He was considering insulin and even surgery to get his diabetes under control.

After 4 months on Virta

  • A1c reduced from 7.6% to 5.8% (below diabetic level)
  • Eliminated 3 diabetes medications
  • Lowered triglycerides from 445 to 100 mg/DL

How can Virta help me?

Reduce your blood sugar and A1c
Eliminate costly diabetes medications
Lose weight and regain energy
Get back to doing the things you love

How Virta Works

Tired of just managing your diabetes? Virta's unique treatment can help bring blood sugar down to normal levels, without medication or surgery.

“Virta gives diabetics a cross between a pocket doctor and a guardian angel.”
“Virta seeks to reverse diabetes, rather than prevent it.”
“Virta is attempting to attack the epidemic—some 28 million Americans have T2D.”
"It’s a much more scalable model than seeing people in a doctor’s office."

What's covered on Virta?

Continuous medical supervision

Your Virta Provider is your new metabolic health specialist, and will coordinate as needed with your primary care provider.

Unlike traditional healthcare, where patients only check in with their provider a couple of times a year, our team of board-certified providers provide around-the-clock monitoring and care. This allows us to safely adjust your medications and care plan in real time.

Personalized dietary guidance and health coaching

Your Virta Health Coach is your on-demand nutritionist, accountability partner, and cheerleader all in one! Whether you need help jumpstarting stalled weight loss, understanding your protein requirements, or just need a bit more encouragement, they are there to guide you to success.

Unlike traditional coaching services, where you only see your coach once a week or month, your Virta Health Coach is always just a message away!

All the supplies you need

Virta provides you with everything you need to track your progress, including a bodyweight scale that uploads data to our app automatically, a blood pressure cuff for some patients, and a meter with glucose and ketone strips, lancets, and swabs.

Unlike other interventions, the cost of your starter kit and refill supplies needed for Virta is fully included in the price.

Biomarker tracking and curated resources

Virta puts a clinic in your pocket, accessible to you when you need it most–no waiting rooms and no lines.

Our app collects your biomarker data, like blood glucose, blood ketones, weight, and blood pressure to help your care team adjust the Virta Treatment around your individual biochemistry.

Through a series of videos and games, you'll learn how to make the necessary dietary changes sustainable and enjoyable. The app also provides access to a curated library of recipes, guides, and meal plans fit for any dietary preference.

Private patient community

Membership to Virta's private patient community is included, but participation is optional. Those that choose to join can connect with other Virta patients to find support and share tips in a positive, moderated environment.

Have Questions?

Join a webinar or come to a live event hosted by Virta medical providers and health coaches to learn more about the treatment and get your questions answered. Attendance is limited, so sign up now to secure your spot.

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How does Virta approach nutritional ketosis?

While there are many ways to achieve ketosis, Virta uses its own, proprietary, clinically-tested high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate protocol.
  • Focus on real, whole foods
    Virta does not sell frozen meals or replacement shakes
  • Make your own ketones
    No exogenous ketones or MCT supplements are required
  • No calorie restriction or fasting
    Eat until you feel satisfied—no calorie counting necessary
  • No required exercise
    While exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, it is not required to achieve nutritional ketosis

Doctors love working with Virta

Primary care providers communicate regularly with Virta to ensure continuity of care and long term success.

Dr. Mark Savant
Internal Medicine, Private Practice
Dr. Rachel Meek
Preventive Medicine Physician

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Virta is available at no additional cost to Concordia Health Plan members between the ages of 18 and 79 who have type 2 diabetes. There are serious medical conditions that would exclude some patients from the program. Start the application process now to find out if you qualify.