I'm Losing Weight and Off Insulin While Eating Great Food

May 25, 2018
February 4, 2020

By Iseral Q., a Virta patient

I'm a Downtown Security Officer for the City of Lafayette, IN. When I started this job with the city earlier this year, I had had type 2 diabetes for over 8 years. My fasting blood sugars were in the 200s even though I was taking insulin. I weighed 221 pounds. My BMI was 31.9, and I had a a 44 ½ waist.

Iseral, before Virta and after 3 months

About a month after I started my new job, the mayor sent out an email to all employees about how Virta was now offered as a covered benefit. I was so excited to hear about this! It  was something I definitely wanted to do if I qualified. I got in touch and was quickly approved in February. Within a few weeks, I was off my insulin. Now after three months, I've lost 31 lbs. I only weigh 190 pounds and my BMI is 28.1. I've lost 4 ½ inches off of my waist. And best of all, the weight loss has stayed. I have been at this weight for over a month now. I am keeping it off while eating well and feeling great. Virta is so easy, thanks to my health coach and the resources they give me. Thank God, because I don’t do hard!

I am loving my new life—I'm not injecting myself twice a day and I'm eating great food with just a few changes. This has been life-changing for sure.