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Eliminating Insulin and Saving $7200/year: Willie's Story

May 4, 2017
February 4, 2020

After suffering from type 2 diabetes for 6 years and injecting himself with 72 units of insulin per day, Willie joined Virta and was able to:

    • Reduce his A1c from 11.5 to 5.1, putting him below the A1c level for a diabetes diagnosis
    • Eliminate his insulin (from 72 units a day to 0) and save $600/month
    • Lose 71 pounds
    • Regain his energy
    • Improve his sleep

    “They say [Virta] is a program to get you off of medications, and when you’re spending $600 a month on medications, you know, what else can I say?” says Willie. “I was over 300 pounds. Now I’m down to 243. Six months ago I was doing 72 units of insulin a day. Now I’m doing none.”

    Many Virta participants have the kind of success that Willie had. The average Virta participant experiences weight loss, diminished cravings and hunger, improved blood sugar control, improved energy levels and sleep quality, and reductions or eliminations of some medications. In the clinical trials, participants have seen:

    • 12% average weight loss after 6 months1
    • Average A1c reduction of 1.0 after 10 weeks2
    • Reduction or elimination of insulin in 87% of participants after 10 weeks2

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